Skipper of the Month: Rusty Spencer

June 27, 1952 – May 19th, 2013

Captain Rusty Spencer of Hale’iwa charter boat Kuuloa Kai, true waterman, renowned fisherman, avid surfer, dirt bike rider, expert marksman and knife thrower passed away peacefully at home. Rusty founded the North Shore Catamaran-Sailboard Trolling Tournament and was a winner and often a top placer in the North Shore Hanapa’a Jackpot Fishing Tournament. He will be loved and missed by his many friends, his companion of 30 years, Jamie Carolyn Brewer, his brother and deckhand Scot Spencer, sister Sandy Soto and mother Dottie Spencer.

On to a Better World, Aloha.

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Welcome to Diamond Head Tuna

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